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Meet Inge and Rolf.  We used to be the eco-green-nutters in the basin (the Kororipo Basin in Kerikeri), and all of a sudden we are among the leaders of the newly appreciated green eco life style. This is rather nice.


Pioneers in New Zealand Luxury Health and Wellness Retreats

Visiting our Eco Spa Retreat (NZ pioneer in eco health and wellness retreats and member of the Northland Sustainable Tourism Charter) you can experience what a very low carbon footprint feels like in a subtropical pampering resort. This is a luxurious break, not roughing it!

Our Eco Spa Retreat combines luxurious accommodation in private villas, organic gourmet food & beverage and re-juvenating spa and massage treatments - all coupled with exceptional friendly service to our guests as well as nature and environment!



We are featured on YouTube with American Organic Channel programme "The Hippy Gourmet". 

During 2009 we had the honour of being visited by Hippy Gourmet and their film crew as part of their New Zealand Tour. View this video on the right filmed at Ora Ora Resort and find out more here about The Hippy Gourmet visit to Kerikeri.

You can see all of the Ora Ora and Hippy Gourmet videos on our Photos & Video page.




Rainwater Harvesting and Processing


The rainwater is collected through gutter guards and filtered with a HomeSpring* filter. Our tap water tastes wonderful, provides the best skin treatment and is very beneficial for cleansing and digestion!  Solar panels provide hot water and used water is thoroughly cleaned by our excellent waste water treatment plant and thus fed into irrigation lines for the veggie garden and orchard. 


Organic Gourmet Paradise


The organic food from our own Demeter garden and organic farmers close by are offered as gourmet health food, supplemented by organic wines, teas and juices. The kitchen scraps go into the compost alley (20 bins) and two worm farms. The local Northtec uses ORA ORA as an example for "Permaculture"


The mediation path around the garden (one round 1000 steps) leads directly to the Rainbow Falls Walk along the Kerikeri River.  A special meditation path (108 steps) surrounds the fish pond in the Ora Garden of Wellbeing.  Our Crater Garden is great for meditation!



 We offer luxurious health treatments to improve lymphatic action, to relax, and to take away pains: energetic healing, massages, hot stones, sauna, herbal baths, facials, Kneipp treatments and others.


Biodynamic Principles

Our Spa Retreat breathes peace - you will feel it. The land has been cared for according to Rudolf Steiner's biodynamic principles with the "500 preparations" and with the help of a paramagnetic tower. The certified soil improvement is remarkable:  54% increase in Potassium after 5 years of caring.


Luxury with Eco-Rules

The accommodation is quite luxurious and comfortable. Heat pumps provide you with warming or cooling as desired.

But there are also rules: recycle waste (no mixing), use of eco friendly shampoos, detergents, etc. and no smoking inside the buildings. Our switch-off policy helps to reduce energy consumption and thus the carbon footprint.  Solar panels provide up to 5000 kwh of electricity per year.


Joy and Zest in Life - Good for Seminars Too!

Our Retreat is great for seminars. Participants feel the joy of creativity, concentration and connection. The personal attention Inge and Rolf offer to all their guests is exceptional. It is a place where you feel treasured ! 


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